Undergraduate Academic Programs

Howard University offers over 50 areas of study across 7 undergraduate schools & colleges

The University has an enduring commitment to the education and advancement of underrepresented populations in America and the global community. Howard University’s unique mission represents an unwavering commitment to its core values of leadership, excellence, truth and service. Since its founding in 1867, Howard has awarded more than 130,000 degrees and certificates in the arts, the sciences, and the humanities. 

Students may declare majors, minors, and concentrations (where applicable) in areas such as the arts, sciences, humanities, business, engineering, architecture, nursing, allied health sciences, education and communications. Undergraduate degree-seeking students are generally admitted, or conditionally admitted in the case of Fine Arts students who have not yet received audition/portfolio results, into their first or second choice major preference, as indicated on the Common App. Moreover, while students cannot declare a minor at the time of admission, degree-seeking students may generally declare a minor during or after their sophomore year of college (30+ credits earned) from the available list of minors. For more information on each major, minor and concentrations, please see the school/college websites provided below.  

New incoming degree-seeking students may not generally change their major until after their first semester of attendance. As such, all new entrant students are encouraged to thoroughly review the highlighted links for details on their programs of interest.

Current undergraduate degree-seeking students seeking to change their major/minor/concentration may consult with their academic advisor for further details on the program change/declaration process. Applicable forms with detailed information may also be accessed via the Registrar's Forms page.

Undergraduate Programs - Majors & Concentrations

College of Arts and Sciences 

Indented areas represent available declared concentrations. Visit coas.howard.edu for further details on the College of Arts and Sciences.

College of Fine Arts

  • Art (BFA-Art)
    • Ceramics (CERM)
    • Electronic Studio Art (ELSA)
    • Fashion Design (FADS)
    • Graphic Design (GRHD) 
    • Interior Design (INTD)
    • Painting (PAIN)
    • Photography (PHOT) 
    • Sculpture (SCUL)
  • Music (B-MUSC)
    • Composition*
    • Jazz Studies* 
    • Music with Business*
    • Music Education*
    • Music History* 
    • Music Therapy* 
  • Theatre Arts (BFA-THEA)
    • Acting (ACTG)
    • Dance (DANC)
    • Musical Theatre (MUTE)
    • Theatre Arts Administration (THAD)
    • Theatre Technology (THTH)

Bulleted indented areas represent available declared concentrations. 

*Denote department areas of study that will not appear on a student’s degree and cannot be officially declared as a concentration.

​​​​​​​School of Business 

Indented areas represent available declared concentrations. Visit business.howard.edu for further details on the School of Business.

School of Education 

Visit education.howard.edu for further details on the School of Education.

​​​​​​​College of Engineering & Architecture

​​​​​​​College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

School of Communications 

Indented areas represent available declared concentrations. Visit communications.howard.edu for further details on the Cathy Hughes School of Communications.

Joint/Dual Degree

Undergraduate Programs - Minors