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Howard University students stand on the shoulders of giants. That legacy lives on today in our close-knit Bison community, where Black scholars thrive both intellectually and emotionally. Some features of the vibrant student life at Howard include our 200+ clubs, 21 Division I athletic teams, fulfilling service opportunities, historically Black Greek organizations, one of the most popular Homecoming events in the country, and so much more.

If you're looking for an exciting and strategic location to attend college in the coming years, there's no better place than Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital offers a diverse population and multicultural atmosphere, an array of historic landmarks, and many venues for soaking up arts and entertainment. What’s more, D.C. offers career opportunities in both the public and private sectors, and the connections Howard provides to both sectors are unrivaled.

So what are you waiting for? Find your community among the Bison.

Deante Taylor

Computer Science Major

Howard University is a place where different cultures and people can intermingle and learn about their history and heritage. Howard also has a community for every cultural group, something that definitely does not apply to most schools.

Types of Student Organizations

Geography Clubs

Geographical clubs encourage social cohesiveness among students from the same geographical locality. The aim is to inform and motivate students to get involved in campus activities, and to maintain a social/ service organization which serves the University and the community through its many philanthropies and programs.

Greek Letter Organizations

Greek-letter organizations are a positive way to form life-long friendships, build a dynamic network, and engage in leadership experiences. Greek-letter organizations provide students with academic support, opportunities to engage in community service projects, and promote personal growth and development. To learn more, please click here.

Honor Societies

Honor societies have been established in our schools and colleges to recognize and perpetuate excellence in various disciplines. Organized for educational purposes, these organizations aim to promote scholarship and research, encourage a high standard of character, and conduct and recognize a high attainment of practice in related fields. Candidates are selected on the basis of scholarship and character

International Clubs

International clubs provide a social outlet for international students while providing a means to bring U.S. and international students together. These organizations have an educational function by presenting programs on international topics and seminars concerning the culture of other countries.

School & Department Clubs

School and Department clubs provide useful opportunities and leadership experiences for students in their respective fields. These special interest groups focus on the furtherance of their respective disciplines.

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs have been established to provide students, faculty, and staff with an opportunity to further their athletic skills, and through competitive intramural and intercollegiate programs, achieve excellence. Also, through planned activities, the clubs introduce the sport to the Howard community and extend professional guidance in establishing the highest standards of participation, instruction, and conduct. Learn more by visiting our Intramural & Club Sports webpage. 

Student Religious Organizations

Student religious organizations at Howard often involve themselves with civic work, services and social functions, with an emphasis on encouraging interfaith dialogue.

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Life At Howard

Living in Washington, D.C.

Home of the White House, host to 176 diplomatic missions, and more than 600,000 residents, Washington, D.C., is more than "A Capital City," it is the heartbeat of the United States. Students will have endless opportunities to experience a wide variety of cultural events and activities.


The District of Columbia is surrounded by Maryland to the northwest, north, northeast, east and southeast and Virginia to the south, southwest and west. The Potomac River divides the District of Columbia from Virginia.


Month Average High Average Low
January 43° F 29 °F
February 47 °F 31° F
March 56 °F 38 °F
April 67° F 47 °F
May 75 °F 56 °F
June 84 °F 66 °F
July 89° F 71° F
August 87 °F 70° F
September 80 °F 63° F
October 68° F 51° F
November 58 °F 41 °F
December 47 °F 38 °F

Major Industries

Given its designation as the U.S. capital, it is natural that government, national and international politics, and diplomacy are the major industries here. Trade and service industries follow, with finance, law, health care and tourism leading the way.

Asa  result of Howard's location, there are numerous internship opportunities available to students in the Washington metropolitan area, across virtually all fields and disciplines. Howard University’s Office of Career Services helps to equip our students with the requisite tools to successfully matriculate, and embark upon a career search campaign with skill and confidence. Over 150 employers visit Howard’s campus each year to speak with students and alumni from all classifications and majors in regards to internships and life after college.

Because of Howard University’s strategic partnership with Handshake, I was able to receive an internship with a trade association on Capitol Hill for the Fall 2018 semester.

–Shiri Asangwe (’21)

Sports Teams

The District’s sports teams include the National Basketball Association’s Washington Wizards; the National Hockey League’s Washington Capitals; Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals; and Major League Soccer's D.C. United.

Culinary Specialties

In a city that hosts 176 diplomatic missions, Washington, D.C.’s food culture is a mixture of everyone else’s, but there are some noteworthy distinctions. For articles on 100 reasons to love the DC food scene, please click here.

International Connection

Washington, D.C., is sister cities with Accra, Ghana; Athens, Greece; Ankara, Turkey; Bangkok, Thailand; Beijing, China; Brussels, Belgium; Dakar, Senegal; Paris, France; Pretoria, South Africa; Rome, Italy; Seoul, South Korea; and Sunderland, England.


Washington, DC is one of the most diverse cities in the nation. There are a plethora of museums to visit such as the National Museum of African American History and Culture, National Museum of African Art, and the National Gallery of Art. Howard University is walking distance from the historic U Street Corridor, where you can find popular entertainment venues and restaurants, such as the Lincoln Theatre, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Oohs and Aahs, and U-Street Music Hall to name a few.  Howard is also near Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and Georgetown for you to explore more of the city’s vibrancy and diversity.

Please see the Washington D.C. Official Visitors Guide for more information.

There is always something to do in DC. Whether you are interested in the museums, public parks, book tours, concerts, restaurants etc., there is something here to pique everyone’s interests. Home to Embassy Row and so many historic sites, DC is really a melting pot of cultures

- Gregory Johnson (’20)

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