Waitlist FAQs & Response Form

Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I waitlisted?

Each year, the number of applications we receive greatly exceeds the number of offers we can make. Based on historical trends, we have aimed to have a freshman class of approximately 2,500 students. However, it is impossible to predict how many admitted students will enroll this year. As such, we also keep a waitlist of highly talented students, from which additional offers of admission may be made after the May 1 enrollment deadline.

How do I officially accept or decline my waitlist offer?

To accept or decline your spot on the waitlist, please complete the Waitlist Response Form by May 1, 2022. No additional steps/information is required at this time.

When will I know if I have been offered admission, if I accept my waitlist spot?

We won’t know if we will be able to select students from the wait list until after the May 1 enrollment deadline. All waitlist students who accept their spots will be notified by May 15 of a final decision.

Is the wait list ranked? Are preferences given to select student types/majors?

No, the waitlist is not ranked. Also, preferences are not given to select student types or majors. 

How many students are on the waitlist? How many students will you admit from the waitlist this year?

We usually offer just over 1000 applicants a spot on the waitlist; however, not all of those students will choose to remain on the waitlist.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how many students will be admitted from the waitlist. In some years, we have not admitted any students on the waitlist, while in others a few dozen students have been admitted. As such, it is likely that most students will not be admitted from the waitlist. However, we will have a better idea in mid-May, after the May 1 enrollment deadline. 

​​​​​​​Can I submit additional admission documents for consideration?

All waitlisted students have showcased great promise in their applications. As such, you do not need to submit any additional documents for consideration. Only the Waitlist Response Form is required. 

Howard is among my top college choices. What steps can I take now?

  • Please confirm whether you will be accepting or declining your waitlist spot by May 1, 2022.
  • We will reconsider your application after May 1, once we know how many more students we can admit to the Class of 2026. By May 15, we will send you an email update.
  • If another college/university has an enrollment deadline prior to May 15, please be sure to make your decision by that college/university's reply date, even if it means making a deposit.


Will I be able to enroll in Howard after May 1, if I am admitted from the waitlist? 

Yes, you will receive an official acceptance email and pertinent next step instructions on how to join the Class of 2026. You will also be notified of your financial aid award, for you and your family to review and consider. If you have not yet completed the FAFSA/HU ISFAA, please do so as soon as possible. You will be required to submit an enrollment fee deposit to secure your spot in the incoming class.

Any last words of advice?

Of paramount importance is that you focus on selecting the college/university that is the right fit for you. We cannot guarantee you will gain admission should you join the waitlist, so please ensure you respond to your other college choices by their response date. You do not need to send any additional documents, requests or appeals for admission consideration. Before making your decision, discuss your choices with your college advisor/counselor and your family, and complete the Waitlist Response Form by May 1. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at admission@howard.edu. All waitlist updates will be sent on May 15, 2022.